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Canc�n is the world-renowned coastal city on the Mexican Caribbean Ocean. The Cancun Real Estate history is very interesting given the fact that about 35 years ago, only three residents existed in the area. The important community of the region was on the island of Isla Mujeres. The Banco de Mexico had realized a nation wide study to analyze the feasibility for capturing more international investment and tourism development. After analyzing various states, the studies revealed that the majority of the Americans, Canadians, and European visitors preferred the beautiful turquoise waters, the warm climates, and the Mayan ruins/history of the region first most. Their study resulted quite accurate as today, with a master plan as a guide, Cancun is now a city with over one million people in population and an amazing 15% of this amount is identified as originating from other countries. People planning in retiring in Mexico or planning in retiring in Cancun are normally pleasantly surprised with the conveniences of the city. The Cancun airport for example is the busiest of the country only superseded by the nation�s capital, Mexico City.

Cancun is a very attractive second home and retirement destination due of course to the climate and wonderful beaches. New, state of the art hospitals are being introduced to the city responding to the increased demand of international visitors and international property owners. Shopping is also conveniently located in well planned and wide avenues. Walmart, Costco, Sam`s Club, Home Depot, Sears and other international retail stores are found throughout the city. Golfing is becoming the new hobby and sport for not only Cancun, but the entire Mexico Caribbean Coast as it is now being dubbed as the new Latin America Golf Capital. Near 15 golf courses are now in operation one of which is now the host to the first professional PGA annual tournament being held in Latin America. Along with shopping is the other favorite pastime of boating. With new deep draft marinas being introduced to Cancun, it is now being book marked as the exciting new cruising destination for many yacht owners located in southern Florida and the Caribbean islands. In my opinion Cancun Real Estate is quickly becoming one of the new, convenient, safe, and international retirement community destinations of the 21st century.


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Cancun properties include just about everything, from modest homes, to upscale gated communities and luxury high rise condos, to exclusive golf/marina mega resorts. The Cancun real estate area can be divided into two main sections - downtown and the hotel zone.

Downtown includes modern services and infrastructure, as well as new high rises, and at the same time a more traditional Mexican atmosphere can be found in some of the older neighborhoods. Originally, Cancun had a greater focus on hotels, services and infrastructure for tourism, and downtown Cancun real estate offered mostly older, modest homes and apartments. Since about 2005, new areas in downtown Cancun have begun to offer a large variety of high rise condominiums, town homes and single family homes. High rise towers in many areas of downtown allow Cancun to offer lower prices per square foot than other areas of the Riviera Maya, where building height is often limited.

In the Hotel Zone you can find the 5 star hotels Cancun is famous for, along with an excellent variety of malls, restaurants and nightclubs. Again, since 2005, Cancun real estate has also offered new residential options in this section in the form of luxury beachfront high rises, geared for second/vacation home buyers. Whether Downtown or in the Hotel Zone, there is a Cancun property for every budget and lifestyle.

Cancun is an upscale, cosmopolitan city that has a lot to offer. In addition to the modern infrastructure and healthcare mentioned above, Cancun has many banks and private bilingual schools. As for lifestyle, the restaurants in Cancun offer its now-famous traditional Mayan dishes, as well as international food from all over the world. Besides large international stores, Cancun also has more traditional Mexican markets where you can find excellent deals, and, on the other end of the spectrum, there are up-scale shopping malls near the hotels, and a huge outdoor mall called la Isla. Any sports lover will be interested in the new downtown soccer stadium. Also, in addition to golf, there is plenty of fishing, diving and snorkeling. Right in the middle of the Hotel Zone there is a modern, interactive aquarium.

Residents of Cancun never run out of things to do; the city is also within driving distance to many attractions, including world-renowned archeological sites (such as Chichen Itza), beautiful colonial cities and eco-parks where you can admire tropical flora and fauna typical of the region and experience different expressions of Mayan culture.

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